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Welcome to Wajir.

Wajir is a county located in the formerly North Eastern province of Kenya. It is located on a largely featureless plain.The capital is home to over 750 000 residents. Wajir is a Borana word that means coming together‚ bequeathed to this part of the country because of the different clans and pastoral communities that used to congregate in areas around Wajir town to water their animals from the abundant and dependable shallow wells that characterise the general land geomorphology. Wajir is home to to beautiful views and unique cultures.As our maiden flight and we have been flying to Wajir since the inception of our company. You can go to Wajir for business‚ leisure or a mixture of both. With unique cultures and peoples we offer flights that ensure efficient flight service for your purposes. Book your flight today and experience the convenience of flying differently with Renegade Air.